Keeping Austin Beered (shamelessly pilfered from Uncle Billy’s)

It’s been sometime since I have decided to start this, but I decided to give it a go again. My subject this time is beer happenings in Austin Texas. Austin is a great beer town and for those that haven’t visited in a while I thought I would jot down some notes on what to expect in the coming weeks. The city currently supports four brewpubs – North by Northwest, Lovejoys, Uncle Billy’s and The Draughthouse. The country’s first co-op brewery, Blackstar has reportedly finally found a location and will solicit another round of investor financing soon to try to be Austin’s fifth brewpub in the not too distant future. Cask nights are a new fixture in Austin, NXNW has theirs on the last Monday of the month, Uncle Billy’s has theirs on the first Tuesday (which means a rare back to back in August/September, and Draughthouse is trying to resume Firken nights every Friday. In addition, the Flying Saucer also attempts to tap a cask or another rare keg of something every Thursday. Other beers bars of note in Austin include Opal Devines and of course the local branch of the Gingerman.


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