Eola School Brewery Brew Day

Mark, owner of Eola School Brewpub and Restaurant (www.eolaschool.com) invited me up to brew with him last Sunday.  I set off at 7am and by the time I arrived he had already mashed in but I helped transfer and boil among other things. He makes approximately 4 bbls and tries to keep two or three of his beers on at all times and to his credit he manages to do so despite having no employees to help him. At the time he had a very pleasant pale ale made exclusively with Citra hops.  The day I was there he brewed a somewhat tamer version of Stone’s Self Righteous (an American Black Ale) aimed at pleasing his own palate while still being marketable among his local clientele. In the hallway I took roughly 6 gallons of first runnings and made a larger version of the same beer (including larger proportional hop additions).  Mark has plans to move his brewery to the school auditorium once a new slab is poured and he has made progress with drains and electrical after installing a new metal roof. It seems like he will always have something to keep him busy and his interest in making quality beers is a sincere one as is his interest in talking to as many knowledgeable sources on the subject as possible. So next time you find yourself driving West consider a stop at his little brewpub and say hi.

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