Alamo Drafthouse Off Center Fest Screening of Strangebrew…Fail

This was the first year the Alamo Drafthouse decided to screen a movie outdoors at Republic Square park in downtown Austin. Sam from Dogfish along with a number of local brewers were there to serve special kegs of their beers and the classic beer-geek film Strangebrew was the featured show. Everything seemed right about the effort from the movie to the list of special beers and their brewers Alamo had lined up. Prior to the event on Alamo’s website someone asked the innocent question we all wanted to know – so how much will the beer cost? The response: 

  • john.gross Says:
    April 8th, 2011 at 2:48 pm @ Nate- $5 in advance and $10 the day of.
    @Michael- no, the beer is not free but it will be very reasonably priced!
    @!5aak- the gates open at 6pm.
    CHEERS !
  • Now I realize “reasonably priced!” might be subject to some interpretation, but upon entering the venue you could hear people complaining left and right. Apparently to the organizers “reasonably priced!” means $5 for either a 9 oz pour of some beers or a very tiny 4oz pour of “special” beers. Small clear plastic Dixie Cups were used for the 9 oz pours and really little custom plastic cups were used for the other beers.  None of this was made public before the event, although the question was asked and the reply in hindsight seems misleading at best or an example of the old “bait and switch” at worst. I don’t have anything against Alamo Drafthouse and I love the concept and the people I met that work there, but I hope the organizers realize the way they approached this event left a bad impression  among some people, especially those that kept up with posts about the event. Here is the link –


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