Beery Goings On

Texas has Maui Beer. As everyone knows we are getting stuff from Maui and that includes one of my favorites, Coconut Porter which will become an instant favorite for drifting down the Comal in the coming months. Also rumor has it Austin will get two kegs of Imperial Coconut Porter. One will probably head to the Flying Saucer and the other Draughthouse, although the latter might wait to serve it until Maui owner Garrett Marrero comes into town next month.

At Live Oak’s recent anniversary party Chip treated everyone to test batches of Primusand Liberation infused with Chipotle peppers roasted by the chef at the Driskill (I think that’s what he said). Both were very hot and tasty, but most people polled seemed to appreciate the Liberation more, perhaps because the pepper, chocolate, banana flavors melded a little strange in the Primus. The Liberation infused sample was probably the best commercial pepper beer I have tasted. Look out for it. Happy Anniversary Live Oak!

Also on the subject of anniversaries, our friend Mark at Eola will have a band and a good number of house beers on tap at the Eola School Brewpub ( for his 5th anniversary party on April 29th from 7pm to 11pm – stop in and enjoy some beers and a burger if you are in the neighborhood!

Lastly, the Texas Brewers Guild expects to bring together a Texas Brewers Festival sanctioned by actual Texas brewers in September of this year. Stay tuned for details.

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