Austin and San Antonio Beer Happenings

A quick update:

The Texas Artisanal Beer Festival had a great showing of brewpubs and microbreweries – when was the last time you had Padre Island and Eola beer in kegs 20 feet from each other? If you missed it then seek it out next year.

In San Antonio San Antonio Beer Week starts May 15th – see for details. There is lots going on.

Speaking of San Antonio, Rob at Ranger Creek is brewing another batch of Oatmeal Pale Ale (OPA) this weekend – according to him they made some changes since the first batch that included using Citra instead of Amarillo hops (due to availability) but also dialed back the oat and crystal malt content. With this next batch he says he will try to up change things up to get it more like the first batch again after some people suggested it was their favorite, but as we all know trying to please everyone is impossible and they are making great stuff regardless.

If you didnt catch my tweet a week ago there was a picture of Mark, a soon to be brewer at the up and coming Rogness Microbrewery being started by the owner of Austin Homebrew Supply. The initial rumor was that they were going to contract brew through Jester King, but now it appears they have their own location and have already trained Mark and another person at Black Star.

Austin Beer Works has already brewed two back to back batches of IPA, so look for that in a matter of weeks. Rumor is they will likely release some of the first batch at Dancing Bear Pub in Waco.


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