Where are they now? A Faust and Wimberly Brewing Update

Just for fun we traveled to two on-again off-again brewpubs located between San Antonio and Austin over the past weekend. Wimberley Brewing Company (owned by former San Francisco 49er Bruce Collie) opened in February of last year only to close its doors in the Fall. http://wimberleybrewingcompany.com/ According to the website and blogs the restaurant was leased out to its German chef and renamed the Black Forest (sans brewpub) and Collie (who owns the strip center known as The Junction) hopes to build a new smaller facility for the brewpub on vacant land nearby. When stopping by last week a gentleman at the Blackforest confirmed that Collie continues to talk about opening another brewpub in the center and a date of January 8th was suggested. But given it was January 10th and there were no new build outs in the area the prospect of a near term restart of the facility seemed unlikely to the employee.  In a similar vein, The Faust Brewpub suffered through a spate of shutdowns, running out of beer, receiving poor reviews and more recently the sale of the hotel within which the brewpub is based. As of last Sunday an employee at The Faust confirmed that the new owners intend to start brewing again, and the equipment is still on-site and readily visible behind the check in counter in the lobby. The delay according to the employee remains the securing of necessary TABC permits to operate. Unfortunately he had no idea as to when those permits might be secured or when brewing might begin once again. http://www.fausthotel.com/brewcompany.html

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