Southern Star Sets Dates for Competition, Anniversary Party and Homebrew Day

Dave and Brian have been busy, not just selling beer but also scheduling a bunch of events taking place this Spring at the Brewery.  First the up is the second annual Pro-Am competition with entries of four beers due by April 17th. Check the website for guidelines as there are some parameters (must be ready in two months, above 5% ABV etc). I will post a judging date once one is established as they will need people to help, especially those BJCP certified. Next up on March 27th from 4 to 8pm is their Anniversary party. Total attendees will be limited so you must book in advance ($10 or $15 at the door if they don’t sell out). Lastly they will roll out the red carpet for homebrewers again on May 1st as they invite up to 100 people to help Dave brew a batch on the 15 bbl system and then take home 5 gallons of wort at the end of the day. Brian will be making a small 5 gallon batch on a homebrew system at the same time. There is no charge but only 100 homebrewers will be allowed to sign up and as of today (February 1st) over 25 already had, so if you intend to go send them a note soon. Information on all of these events can be found at

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