Saint Arnold Update

It’s be a while since I posted anything so I thought this might be opportune. Last weekend we were lucky enough to visit the brewery for a holiday party and aside from a massive hangover and some regrets associated with complaining about a lack of “special” beer, I also managed somehow to remember a couple of interesting tidbits following conversations with Brock and some of the brewers. First, Saint Arnold is growing quickly. They are taking delivery of two new 240 Bbl tanks and will probably order another 4 to 6 (again I might have exact numbers wrong, but I am lucky to remember anything). Also some suggested the brewery, as large as it is, is running out of room. In terms of new stuff going on, they have started a barrel program and have (again I think) 80 barrels, 50 of which are bourbon, and 30 of which had other former lives from rum to wine. The latter suggest they are starting a sour program which I think will be headed up by Vince – makes sense, if I had seniority I would be all over that too. So look for some interesting stuff as they (again if I remember) have room for something like 300-400 barrels which means blended sours are a distinct possibility. Also note they continue¬†to experiment with different yeasts. At the time they had fermented the Elissa IPA wort with LaChouffe yeast and it turned out very nice with a balanced malt backbone to support the hops and a subtle Belgian character that worked really well. It was much more balanced than many Belgian IPAs these days. One last thing to note. The just released Stout which replaces the Christmas Ale underwent a recipe change as they couldn’t secure enough Special B and replaced some of it with Crystal 70-80.

Alright that’s it…carry on.

Oh, one last tidbit. Brock and I talked a little about recent growth in Texas and the large number of microbreweries either starting up or in the process of doing so. Apparently we were both on the same wavelength to some degree with the idea that now is a better time to start a brewpub rather than a microbrewery. I also agreed that Houston would be the best city for such an endeavor, although the idea that a brewpub is more viable applies across the state. So if any of you out there are thinking of jumping in, consider a brewpub, and consider Houston (or Austin). As an aside, Brock suggested if he were able to do anything right now unfettered, he would start a brewpub rather than another microbrewery. Brock is a smart guy…

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