NYC gets another great brewpub

Hopefully I can get around to postingĀ a comprehensive listĀ of great beer bars and brewpubs in the New York City area, there are so many (from Blind Tiger and Rattle and Hum in Manhattan to Mugs in Brooklyn). It maybe be expensive but if you stay in Queens or Jersey and don’t eat at Tavern on the Green everyday it is actually not that bad at all. And if you have been or looked though any beer lists you will find both regional selections as well as imports from Europe that never make it beyond the boroughs. The latter is especially true of English casks if you are a fan. Anyway, my reason for this post is to link to a new story about Dogfish, Russian River, Baladan and del Borgo hooking up to open what sounds like a one of a kind brewpub in Manhattan – Stay tuned.

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