Austin Set to Welcome Another New Brewery

Working under the radar Thirsty Planet Brewing Company is set to begin brewing and possibly selling beer in six weeks. posted pictures of a new sparkling 30 bbl brewhouse and a finished out space near Oakhill where the brewer/owner Brian Smittle (formerly of Hubcap brewpub in Vail and part owner of Coaches in Oklahoma) will inititally produce three beers, an amber, IPA and wheat.  The location is near that of the next likely startup, Jester King which is also expected to startup this year with an initial line of of four beers (one of which might be the winner of a proposed homebrew competition).  Seems like everyone wants to startup a brewery these days. in addition to the aforementioned also keep your eye on South austin brewing Company reportedly under the leadership of former Balcones brewer Jordan Weeks which many also expect to startup this year along with Circle Brewing  At some point I will have to put together a list of prospective Texas breweries and organize them according to progress. In other news the Flix Brewhouse cinema is reportedly getting closer to opening in Round Rock this summer with the hiring of a general manager.

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