A Quick Rant

We are bracing for a beer tsunami with the most SKUs in US history and for that matter Texas history, the flood gates were opened last year here in Texas and as the gypsy curse goes “may you get everything you wish for” – pretty soon a lot of those “special” beers will be mundane as new flavors roll off the conveyor belts of breweries large and small. Tonight I passed up driving ten blocks to try a Ranger Creek 10% ABV mesquite smoked porter aged in Bourbon barrel cask with vanilla, cacao and cherries added to it – seriously where does it end and why do “we” think a cask is now just a randall (that’s another rant for another time). To me it’s a double edged sword as I am happy craft beers are taking share from the InBevs of the world, but I also mourn the loss of what was often special about finding new beers you might never try again. Next thing you know they will tell us Santa Claus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t exist or for that matter Lance Armstrong used illegal drugs.

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