Kreuz Creek Brewing Sugarland making progress

Reproduced for your enjoyment a letter from Kreuz Creek owner Jeff King (find updates on facebook until new website is up)



As many local brewers are well aware of, we’ve been developing our 

start-up in the Sugar Land/Stafford area in the past couple years.  

We’re nearing finalization of our initial site lease negotiations and will commence w/ open tours on Saturday afternoons.  Of course, most regional homebrewers have been interested in our brewhouse set-up and tank configuration.  We’re currently finalizing our order for a 50-bbl 4-vsl brewhouse, in addition to 50-bbl tanks.  A special thanks to the Mayors of Sugar Land and Stafford, who have been a tremendous help through the past couple months.  Not to mentional all the local businesses as well.  Thank you!  Visit us at our facebook page for updates and tentative beer release dates.  For many that have inquired on volunteer/employment opportunities, we’ll keep you updated.  Thanks for your support and prost!!


Jeff King

Owner – Kreuz Creek Brewing Co.

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