A New Day in the Gulf Coast

Many of our brothers and sisters were without basic necessities over the past week after Hurricane Ike ravaged the Houston area and there remain some without power today. The state of Zymurological stocks remain a source of concern given all our kegs and bottles lacked refrigeration for five days until we regained power on Thursday. St Arnold’s Brewing Company did indeed cancel its tour after the storm, a first in the company’s history, although several volunteers still showed up at the door ready to help that Saturday morning. St. Arnolds suffered no real damage and other area breweries reported the same, although Southern Star in Conroe lost its kettle stack. The state of its new Rauchbier (made form 100% Bamberg Pilsner malt) which was in secondary remains uncertain. Most quality beer establishments are open again in the affected area with a few new quality beverages just making their way into the markets to the South after first being introduced into Austin and other locals. Among those new offering Stone Smoked Porter and New Belgium’s Lips of Faith have garnered the most attention.

Peace and beer,

Brother Spargealot

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