Places of Pilgrimage

More will be added as funding for our journeys are replenished...

" I was trying to pinpoint why all things beer were starting to lose their luster these last few weeks and I realized it was more the cumulative effect of having punished my liver across various continents that probably did me in. "
" So there we were, dejected because we couldn’t find decent airfares to Portland for the Oregon Brewers Fest, wallowing in self pity and wondering where we could go to search out new beers. "
" Montreal is a great place to enjoy French sophistication and chic fashion (the good sister accompanying me made me say that), but more importantly it can also be an outstanding place to find a good beer. "
" It seems like I am heading to lots of exotic locals lately, first Salt Lake and now Pittsburgh. But wait! Don’t wince just yet, for those of you that haven’t been there don’t shy away from going, because with a little research (and cab time) you can seek out some really spectacular places in the three rivers area. "
" Utah and Salt Lake City never seemed like a beer destination to me, but considering the founding religion is less than beer-friendly, some are surprised the city hosts three brewpubs in the immediate downtown area and two micros that bottle a wide range of brews. "
" Southern California, or more specifically the area just north of San Diego is considered by some as a mecca for hoppy beer. After trying to visit as many brewpubs and micros as possible in a week I can see why many argue that there are few other places in the world with a better selection of extreme IPAs (even compared to Portland!). "

Ecclesiastical Happenings